The entire team at Sahara Medical Institute have the singular goal of keeping Las Vegas’ children as healthy as possible. Along that line, we provide programs with the goal of eradicating childhood obesity. Some parents ignore this problem, thinking weight gain is a natural phase that will be outgrown. However, this condition can lead to more serious complications in the future.

What could cause my child to become obese?

There are various reasons that cause children to become obese — genetics, sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet, or a combination of these. Although very rare, obesity can also stem from a hormonal problem. These factors don’t necessarily mean a child will become obese, they simply point to an increased risk due to exposure to such factors.

What health consequences does my child face by being obese?

There are a number of medical conditions that obese or overweight children are at risk of developing: hypertension, high cholesterol levels, diabetes, bone conditions, even early heart disease. In some cases, they could be prone to skin conditions, including acne, fungal infections, and heat rashes.

How do I know if my child is obese?

During your appointment with Dr. Peraza, your child will be assessed to determine if he or she is obese. Dr. Peraza will measure your child’s weight and height and compute his or her BMI (body mass index). This value will then be compared to the standard values in order to determine where your child falls. Age and growth patterns will also be considered.

How can I effectively deal with my child’s obesity?

It is important to help your child feel safe and secure with you. How you perceive your child’s weight will also affect their perception toward it. However, it is essential that you talk to your child about their weight, and allow them to share their concerns as well. From there, concrete steps to change eating habits and physical activity will be necessary. It is best to include the whole family throughout this journey to avoid singling out your overweight child.

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